How do you promote restoration of communities that seem beyond repair?
The answer is simple, UNITY. Our UNITY.

Our REBUILD is presenting you with an opportunity to be united and to be agents of change for an America that truly leaves no one behind. This is something you already know, now is our chance to support and build this better future.

But how, you ask?

Help Our REBUILD continue to remove barriers so that EVERYONE can get the support they deserve to start and grow a business that sustains their family and enriches our community. It will take years to build, but we’re taking concrete steps already. And in the next 12 months we’re on target along with our community’s support, to:

• Launch a rigorous 10 week program designed to support business owners seeking to open, sustain and scale their business
• Coach business owners through money, marketing and management challenges
• Connect people with free hours of advice from experts
• Launch Our Youth REBUILD for children ages 12-16 to learn the skills of entrepreneurship

These activities will build amenities for residents, address blight, break cycles of intergenerational poverty, and generate wealth in Black communities.

Your contribution of any amount will help Our REBUILD ensure that the next economy works for everyone, that equity is prioritized and that opportunities are not reserved for the few. Whether you contribute $5 or $5,000, you will be invited to join our Contributor Wall for Our UNITY.

This seems unrealistic, but it’s possible. And we won’t let up until we’ve done all we can to ensure a more equitable future.

Let’s reimagine our future, our community, our legacy, Our REBUILD.

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