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We know how important it is for you to succeed in business we have an offer for you that will bring you next to success.

Does your young person have a plan for summer vacation?

Learn about building a business in as little as 4 weeks.

Why Join Our REBUILD?

Our Rebuild Business Opening

Small businesses help create VIBRANT communities.

VIBRANT communities help attract commercial businesses, who provide jobs to LOCAL RESIDENTS.

LOCAL RESIDENTS create need for increased housing and retail services.

Increased tax revenue creates opportunities for improvements of public amenities and greenspaces.

How does it Work?

We have enlisted the support of multiple professionals across a variety of fields to develop workshops for the benefit of small business owners.

The Program

10 Weeks of intensive studies on various aspects of business formation, development, and execution. Designed for serious business owners.

Innovative Ideas

We help you in business by coaching and assisting in the development and implementation of ideas, to open, sustain, and scale your business.

Smart Management

We provide knowledgeable instructors dedicated to supporting your vision. Our team of professionals will help prepare your business for success.


Our REBUILD is a community first and foremost and as a result we will learn from and support our businesses.

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